Compete – Not Kill

by Walt on May 5, 2010

An observation or perhaps a question today as I read through what the so-called tech experts have to say in their articles and blogs.

Why does one device or software technology have to kill another?  Where has the notion of competition and evolution changed to “kill?”

Today there were 19,000,000 hits on Google for “iPhone killer” and 1,010,000 hits for”kindle killer.”

Years ago when the notion of the “killer application” came about, the word killer meant “awesome”  or “game-changing.” Applications such as VisiCalc and Mosaic (I’ve just dated myself I think) were the first “killer apps” that changed the way we used computers.

I want competition. I want “game changers.” This is what furthers technology and makes it more useful to all of us. I wish technology experts would help us understand how new technology can help us do things better and not offer opinions on which technology might kill another technology – predictions like this are usually wrong anyway.

Let’s  compete – not kill.

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