Is Mobile Computing Finally Here?

by Walt on April 14, 2010

Is mobile computing finally here?  What mobile computing is and what will it be has yet to play out,  but it is beginning to be clear to me that mobile computing is not just a smaller, more portable version of what we already have – laptops.  It has to do with a different way to interact with our new computing devices as first exemplified by the iPhone, Droid, Android, and even others yet to come.  There may be a new paradigm in the world of technology.  In the Horizons Report (referenced in a previous blog), mobile computing is one of the  “Technologies to Watch”  for education and beyond.

Over the next months we will watch the new iPad to see how it may contribute to defining mobile computing.  Although the iPad is the first, there appear to be others ready to go.  With rumors of Android powered tablets being developed, we are entering an innovative time for using this technology.

As you read about a new paradigm, don’t compare these new innovations with what we already have, look at it through a new set of eyes, a new lens.  A blog by Mike Monteirom ( offers a perceptive view from the new “computing” perspective.

We should also think about the changing role of media, including books, magazines, newspapers, movies, and others not yet defined in the context of mobile devices.  Creation and distribution of media is certainly set to change.  What mobile computing means for education is yet to be determined, but it will be important.

An exciting time we are in.

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