The Web Literacy Standard

by Marya Figueroa on November 7, 2013

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We all know: technology moves at a quick pace. Yet, there are times when all the stars align, the dam breaks and it moves really fast. How do you keep your skills sharp? How do you know where to focus? Where do you start? Even our students, our digital natives, will need to know how to keep up and learn how to stay fluent in our changing online culture and environment.

What you need to know

Mozilla (maker of Firefox) has created a specification of core competencies for digital literacy called the Web Literacy Standard. This 1.0 version (announced just last month) identifies three strands (core areas) of literacy: exploring, building and connecting. Each strand lists the corresponding competencies and associated skills Mozilla believes all netizens should have.

View the Web Literacy Standard specification

This is part of Mozilla’s bigger vision of empowering people to not only use the web smartly, but to actually shape it.

Use it with to strengthen your skills

Because technology constantly and rapidly changes, the Web Literacy Standard becomes a map you can use to discover and learn new skills. Or, use it to focus, improve, hone, and sharpen current ones. You could use it in conjunction with Cal Poly’s new service from, as a map for life-long learning in our digital world.


Mozilla has also developed, a site with online tools to help teachers create learning modules for increasing digital literacy and a community in which to share activities and lesson plans.

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