With our Eyes on the Horizon…

by Catherine Hillman February 19, 2014

Here at the CTLT, your instructional design team is dedicated to supporting new innovations in teaching and learning, while implementing the highest quality standards for pedagogy and delivery… however sometimes it feels like looking into a crystal ball to determine which methods, technologies and approaches are going to be the most significant for our faculty […]

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The Moose in the Living Room: Some Thoughts on Plagiarism in Student Writing

by Matthew Luskey February 11, 2014

The comedian Steven Wright jokes that when hunters stomp through the woods in camouflage, they are about as inconspicuous as a moose trying to hide in the living room by holding a chair. The same analogy applies to many plagiarized papers, which I find puzzling, dispiriting and insulting for their glaring obviousness.* It may not […]

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Examples of Technology Used to Enhance Teaching & Learning – version 2

by Tonia Malone January 29, 2014

Technology tools have many benefits for teaching and learning. For any given instructional method, there are technology tools that can work better than others. Although the list below provides some methods of using technology that are more beneficial than others, all these methods are supporting student success. If you can only start using one or two […]

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Working Toward Inclusiveness

by Robin Parent January 21, 2014

As most of the Cal Poly community is aware, during November there was an off-campus party with an inappropriate theme that denigrated women and was racially derogatory.  In the weeks following the party, the campus community was filled with students, faculty, staff, and administrators grappling with how to discuss, educate, investigate, and rectify the problems […]

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Academic Freedom: How Will It Fare in the Age of Social Media?

by Dr. Luanne Fose - The Tweed Geek January 14, 2014

In general, most faculty rely on the premise of academic freedom without thinking too much about it. The concept has been a part of academia for decades and may even be taken for granted somewhat in the 21st century. We often hear of academic freedom struggles in other countries, but until the past few years, […]

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Teaching and Learning Online – Addressing Our Shared Concerns

by Catherine Hillman January 7, 2014

One of the tremendous perks to working in the CTLT is the exposure we have to students beyond their classroom lives, and in December I had the privilege of meeting with the SC3 (http://sc3.calpoly.edu/) Student Campus Computing Committee) to chat with them about their experiences with hybrid, flipped and online courses.    This was not my […]

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The Promise

by Matthew Luskey December 20, 2013

In September my wife and I walked our five-year old, Jacob, to his first day of kindergarten. Our daughter, Madeleine (5th grade), and son, Reid (8th grade), were also experiencing first-day jitters, intensified by our recent cross-country relocation. Ceremoniously, we shuffled into Jacob’s classroom, stepping around knee-high chairs, while smiling and commenting on the color-coded […]

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Three Cheers for Higher Education: The Disruptive Technology of MOOCs Unravels

by Dr. Luanne Fose - The Tweed Geek December 4, 2013

The advent of MOOCs — Massive Open Online Courses — (or as I like to call them “Monstrous Odious Online Courses”) in our educational world has been considered by many to fit Harvard Business School Professor Clay M. Christensen’s definition of a “disruptive technology.”  WhatIs.com defines a disruptive technology as “… a new technology that […]

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Flipping over lynda.com

by Catherine Hillman November 20, 2013

As you are no doubt aware by now, Information Services has purchased a site license for all faculty and staff to freely use lynda.com. This wonderful training video site has a vast library of topics for you to choose from, and we encourage everyone to find out how to log in, and check it out.  […]

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Reading On-the-Go

by Tonia Malone November 13, 2013

It’s another busy day and you have five articles to read before you head off to the big departmental meeting. If you are anything like me, you may have a 20 minute commute into work and a lunch date at the gym. So how can you read the five articles and still enjoy your date at […]

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