Scaffolding and College Writing: Five Pedagogical Considerations

by Guest Blogger May 8, 2014

Guest post by Richard Besel,  Associate Professor in Communication Studies, and member of the 2013-14 Learning Community, Beyond the Term Paper: Integrating the Teaching of Research and the Teaching of Writing.  Never before have the skills needed to engage in effective writing been more important for student success. In a survey of 50,000 employers, jointly conducted […]

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Enliven Your Presentations with VideoScribe: A Whiteboard Animation Tool

by Dr. Luanne Fose - The Tweed Geek April 30, 2014

Three or four years ago, someone sent me a link to a RSAnimate video. I was fascinated by it. Having a skilled illustrator draw “live” on a whiteboard while someone discusses a concept is actually quite engaging for those of us who have a more visual learning mode.  The “doodling” helps people like me focus in […]

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Recognizing Benson & Riggs

by Catherine Hillman April 23, 2014

In Fall of 2013, two brave faculty saw an open door and boldly stepped through, ushering in Cal Poly’s first attempt to participate along with most other CSUs on the eLearning stage for recognition in quality course design. Bridget Benson (CENG-Electrical Engineering) and Billy Riggs (CAED-City & Regional Planning) offered their hybrid courses up for […]

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Heartbleed in a Nutshell

by Catherine Hillman April 10, 2014

By now you have probably heard about the security threat discovered recently that affects up to 2/3 of all websites that use secure login technology. The news may seem alarming and confusing all at the same time. This is, in many ways, like the news of a major flu epidemic – you have to wonder, […]

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Why Would I Use a Wiki Template?

by Tonia Malone March 26, 2014

I am currently teaching an online course called “eLearning Series: Framing Your Online Course.” In this course the students are required to create an online syllabus that meets Cal Poly, QOLT, and QM standards. I created an OU Wiki activity in my PolyLearn course. While setting up the OU Wiki, I decided that a single […]

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Fair and Balanced – 40 Android Apps for Teaching & Learning

by Dr. Luanne Fose - The Tweed Geek March 19, 2014

“Fair and balanced” — that’s the slogan of Fox news. Most people realize that Fox is neither “fair nor balanced” and that is safe to say with me in terms of my enthusiasm for any mobile technology that isn’t Apple. I admit it: I am neither “fair nor balanced” when it comes to that topic. […]

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Encouraging the Physicality of Writing: Ideas to Help Students Make a Beautiful Mess

by Guest Blogger March 11, 2014

Guest post by William Riggs, Assistant Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning, and member of the 2013-14 Learning Community, Beyond the Term Paper: Integrating the Teaching of Research and the Teaching of Writing. In her book Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott states “Tidiness suggests something is as good as it’s going to […]

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With our Eyes on the Horizon…

by Catherine Hillman February 19, 2014

Here at the CTLT, your instructional design team is dedicated to supporting new innovations in teaching and learning, while implementing the highest quality standards for pedagogy and delivery… however sometimes it feels like looking into a crystal ball to determine which methods, technologies and approaches are going to be the most significant for our faculty […]

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The Moose in the Living Room: Some Thoughts on Plagiarism in Student Writing

by Matthew Luskey February 11, 2014

The comedian Steven Wright jokes that when hunters stomp through the woods in camouflage, they are about as inconspicuous as a moose trying to hide in the living room by holding a chair. The same analogy applies to many plagiarized papers, which I find puzzling, dispiriting and insulting for their glaring obviousness.* It may not […]

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Examples of Technology Used to Enhance Teaching & Learning – version 2

by Tonia Malone January 29, 2014

Technology tools have many benefits for teaching and learning. For any given instructional method, there are technology tools that can work better than others. Although the list below provides some methods of using technology that are more beneficial than others, all these methods are supporting student success. If you can only start using one or two […]

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