Teaching and Learning Online – Addressing Our Shared Concerns

by Catherine Hillman January 7, 2014

One of the tremendous perks to working in the CTLT is the exposure we have to students beyond their classroom lives, and in December I had the privilege of meeting with the SC3 (http://sc3.calpoly.edu/) Student Campus Computing Committee) to chat with them about their experiences with hybrid, flipped and online courses.    This was not my […]

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The Promise

by Matthew Luskey December 20, 2013

In September my wife and I walked our five-year old, Jacob, to his first day of kindergarten. Our daughter, Madeleine (5th grade), and son, Reid (8th grade), were also experiencing first-day jitters, intensified by our recent cross-country relocation. Ceremoniously, we shuffled into Jacob’s classroom, stepping around knee-high chairs, while smiling and commenting on the color-coded […]

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Three Cheers for Higher Education: The Disruptive Technology of MOOCs Unravels

by Dr. Luanne Fose - The Tweed Geek December 4, 2013

The advent of MOOCs — Massive Open Online Courses — (or as I like to call them “Monstrous Odious Online Courses”) in our educational world has been considered by many to fit Harvard Business School Professor Clay M. Christensen’s definition of a “disruptive technology.”  WhatIs.com defines a disruptive technology as “… a new technology that […]

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Flipping over lynda.com

by Catherine Hillman November 20, 2013

As you are no doubt aware by now, Information Services has purchased a site license for all faculty and staff to freely use lynda.com. This wonderful training video site has a vast library of topics for you to choose from, and we encourage everyone to find out how to log in, and check it out.  […]

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Reading On-the-Go

by Tonia Malone November 13, 2013

It’s another busy day and you have five articles to read before you head off to the big departmental meeting. If you are anything like me, you may have a 20 minute commute into work and a lunch date at the gym. So how can you read the five articles and still enjoy your date at […]

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The Web Literacy Standard

by Marya Figueroa November 7, 2013

We all know: technology moves at a quick pace. Yet, there are times when all the stars align, the dam breaks and it moves really fast. How do you keep your skills sharp? How do you know where to focus? Where do you start? Even our students, our digital natives, will need to know how […]

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AirDrop – Apple’s Latest File Transfer Tool in iOS7

by Dr. Luanne Fose - The Tweed Geek October 30, 2013

Ok, I have to admit that I wasn’t that thrilled initially with the iOS7 upgrade for Apple iOS devices. Like many other long-time Apple lovers, the flat icons and hints of Windows color hues left me feeling sick to my stomach every time I looked at my iPhone in the first few days of download […]

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Present PowerPoints from Your Apple iOS Device with SlideShark

by Dr. Luanne Fose - The Tweed Geek October 18, 2013

Are you tired of lugging your laptop all over campus just to present your PowerPoints in class? Are you feeling anxious about trying to get through airport security with your laptop when you go to present at a conference? Haven’t had the time to learn Keynote yet (Apple’s intuitive and well-designed alternative to PowerPoint, which […]

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“Who are you? Who, who, who, who?”

by Brian May 28, 2013

Author’s note: This blog post is Part 2 in a two-part series examining effective course framing. The previous blog post focused on the instructor’s role in the “framing equation” and was entitled, “Frame It and They Will Come?“ Have you ever stood in front of a college classroom and caught this classic tune from “The […]

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Self-Branding with a Blog

by Patrick Kammermeyer May 2, 2013

How often do you think about self-branding? Most of us probably don’t think about it all that often. And yet, it seems that we are almost always engaged in it, whether or not we realize it. We brand ourselves a little each time we post or comment on FaceBook, or send a Tweet, or reply […]

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