Building Teachers’ Resilience through Yoga

by Guest Blogger May 27, 2015

Alicia M. Moretti is a lecturer in the College of Liberal Arts and a Yoga Siromani in the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta tradition. These yogic breathing exercises were presented as part of a session on resilience at the 2015 CSU Symposium on University Teaching. How are you sitting right now? How are you breathing? Attention to […]

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Distraction in the Classroom – What? Me Distracted?

by Dr. Luanne Fose - The Tweed Geek May 6, 2015

With the introduction of the Apple Watch, many of you have approached me and inquired about why I don’t have that marvelous digital device on my wrist yet. After all, one would think that I, being one of the biggest Apple lovers ever, would immediately jump onto that bandwagon. Well, I have to admit it […]

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Has Writing Always Been Beta?: Patching and Revising in the Digital Age

by Guest Blogger April 23, 2015

Guest post by Richard Besel, Associate Professor in Communication Studies. You may find additional posts by Richard Besel on Write Margin Media. I admit it. I used to play World of Warcraft. Some of you may recognize it as one of those massively multi-player online games that has been criticized heavily for sapping energy from one’s soul because […]

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Listening Harder to the Struggles of Diverse Students

by Guest Blogger April 15, 2015

Guest post by Dawn Janke, Director, University Writing & Rhetoric Center A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak at a CTLT breakfast for newer faculty. The theme was “supporting students in distress,” and I was asked to help raise awareness of the challenges first generation students may face. My first thought was to […]

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Rubrics in PolyLearn

by Tonia Malone March 18, 2015

“A rubric is a coherent set of criteria for students’ work that includes descriptions of levels of performance quality on the criteria.” (Brookhart, n.d.) Why Rubrics? Rubrics are a popular assessment tool because they can provide consistency, structure, and efficiency to the grading process. Rubrics can provide several benefits for the student and teacher: They […]

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Learn By Doing and the Ethics of Publishing with Students

by Guest Blogger March 4, 2015

Guest post by Richard Besel,  Associate Professor in Communication Studies California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) has for years adopted “Learn by Doing” as a motto. For many, these three words are an integral part of the institution’s unique approach to pedagogy. The phrase is so important to the community that on February 15, 2015, Cal Poly […]

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Survey Says!

by Matthew Luskey February 5, 2015

In the first week of the term, Physics lecturer, Dr. Naresh Sen, poses a question to his PHYS 122 students. A ball is thrown straight upward. At the top of its trajectory, its acceleration is. A: zero B: straight up C: straight down D: depends on the mass of the ball. The answer, duh, is […]

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

by Catherine Hillman January 28, 2015

I am writing this blog post while on a plane to Hawaii. All around me I see the glow of small (and not-so-small) screens as people are viewing stored movies, accessing their Kindle libraries, playing games. I have abandoned my playlist in favor of a soothing batch of “nature sounds” tracks on my Android phone’s […]

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PLUG: Show & Tell – 1/12/15

by Tonia Malone January 20, 2015

The PLUG (PolyLearn User Group) held a Show & Tell on Monday, January 12, 2015. Franklin Gaudi (CAFES-BioResources & Agricultural Engineering) demonstrated some tools he uses to enhance teaching and learning with PolyLearn. If you would like to learn more about how to implement the PolyLearn tools that Franklin uses for his classes, please refer to the […]

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Subtitle Other’s Videos with Amara

by Dr. Luanne Fose - The Tweed Geek January 12, 2015

Have you ever found a perfect video online to use in your course that was created by someone else and then realized that the video isn’t captioned? Or perhaps the video has captions available via the automatic captioning feature of YouTube, but the captions end up being ridiculously incorrect? Posting an uncaptioned video in your […]

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